Est. 1878


Elkridge-Harford is a fox-chasing club that is active in Harford County, Md.  Our club is located in the lovely My Lady’s Manor area of historic land in Maryland.

Elkridge-Harford is active in Maryland steeplechase racing, sponsoring the Elkridge-Harford Point-to-Point races, and is home to the My Lady’s Steeplechase Races each spring to the benefit of the Manor Foundation and Ladew Gardens.

Our hunt club also has a pony club, the world’s largest equestrian education organization.  The pony club began here at Elkridge-Harford in 1952. It has since expanded to over 600 clubs nationwide, all focused on teaching and taking proper care of horses to the next generation of equestrians. The Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club is the oldest club in the United States.

We offer members a wide range of benefits, including social events and activities, trail rides, riding with hounds, and a variety of educational programs.

October Events

The Vixen’s Chase and Hunter Trials were a huge hit! We had a large turnout for both events and a beautiful weekend filled of horses and riders.  A big thank you to everyone that made the weekend possible especially the landowner whose property could not be more picturesque! November is going to be a busy month as well with social and chasing events happening throughout the month so make sure to check your email and portal to stay up to date.